About Solemate

SoleMate is the authorised distributor for Shoemate Orthotic foot products in Singapore and Asia. We bring relief for foot and back pain to the people in Singapore, the region and beyond.

About Shoemate Orthotic

Since 1982, the Shoemate Orthotic system has been constantly developed and improved upon. Today, our highly trained international teams of technicians skilled in various medical disciplines design the orthotics system, incorporating;

  1. High-tech semi-rigid plastic from Canada
  2. Postings, a composite of cork and rubber from France
  3. Top covers; Plastazote, Lunairflex, Bocklite, from Europe & USA
  4. Computer gait analysis system from Italy

We now have Shoemate distributors across Canada, USA & Asia.

Our Corporate mission is to provide each of our clients; men, women and children with complete comfort and correction. We expect 100% relief from foot pain, knee pain or related back pain.

To accomplish this goal, we have developed a world class, high performance and proven orthotic.

The Founder

Lance Colins, founded and designed the Shoemate Orthotic system in 1982. Now operating C.B.C Foot Products in Calgary Alberta, Canada, he has been in the foot care business for more than 25 years and loves what he does.

He founded the company because of what orthotics had done for him when he suffered from a bad sciatic nerve problem for 17 years. He had tried Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Traditional doctors, Specialists, Acupuncture and even Traction Machines and nothing had worked for him.

The introduction to orthotics, some 25 years ago changed his life and gave him a pain free life ever since. In his own words,

“Nothing makes your day more than relieving a person’s pain that they have been suffering for years”